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About Commercial Black

Commercial Black is a commercial real estate brokerage located in the close in East Side of Portland Oregon. NE 23rd Avenue at Sandy Blvd – The Kerns Neighborhood

Since 1996 we have been involved in hundreds of commercial real estate transactions, see project history.

We provide tenured brokerage services to local businesses. We specialize in acquisition, disposition and leasing of commercial real estate.

We help local businesses control expenses, fix their costs and build real equity by investing in a secured asset. Their buildings. Local businesses will hopefully sell to other local businesses in the future and the next generation gets to benefit as well.

We help buyers and sellers navigate complex sales that range from properties needing seismic retrofitting to having contamination issues and requiring agreements with DEQ in order to close and still preserve equity for sellers. Well versed in navigating change of use and occupancy and the effects on values and transactions.

Sometimes we recommend that sellers who are in the economic position, to carry financing. This can allow sellers to offset long term gains by accruing interest, (much like banks) and the payments are fixed which creates certainty.

We have negotiated lease options to purchase to deeds in lieu of foreclosure and everything in between. We are an invaluable asset to small businesses wanting to know how best to proceed with their building and facility needs. We structure creative, intelligent transactions.

We apply the same creativity when working within our community as well. These are just a few of the good people dedicated to making a difference in our community that we work with and want to promote.

Innovative Housing:
Metropolitan Family Services:
Mainspring Portland:
Independence NW:

Board of Directors work for:

YMCA Child Care Division:
Scrap PDX:

Young Men’s Academy – Thomas Jefferson High School – Two Year Volunteer

We own and occupy our building on NE 23rd Avenue. We are invested in our community. From this location we plan to continue to help small businesses.

Commercial Black.

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